Friday, May 12, 2006

I lost my 2 months baby

On wednesday 10.05.06 we lost our two months baby. My wife lost her pregnancy.

Friday, March 17, 2006

What is BDSM?

All right, so what is "BDSM"?

"BDSM" is an acronym of "B&D" (Bondage & Discipline), "D&S" (Dominance & Submission), and "S&M" (sadomasochism). "BDSM" refers to any or all of these things, and a lot of stuff besides.
Tying up your lover is BDSM; so is flogging that person, or bossing that person around, or any of a thousand other things. BDSM is highly erotic, usually (though not always) involves sex or sexual tension; and is highly psychologically charged. One person (the "submissive") agrees to submit to another person (the "dominant"); or, alternately, one person agrees to receive some sort of sensation, such as spanking, from another.
Some people like to be submissive all the time, some people like to be dominant all the time; some people like to switch, being submissive one day and dominant the next.
Many people practice some element of BDSM in their sexual lives without even necessarily being aware of it. They may think of "S&M" as "That sick stuff that people do with whips and cattle prods and stuff," yet still blindfold one another from time to time, or tie one another down and break out the whipped cream...
All of these things are "BDSM." BDSM is not necessarily hardcore sadomasochism; it can be remarkably subtle and sensual and soft. Pinning your partner to the bed and running silk or ice cubes or rabbit fur over your lover's body qualifies as "BDSM" (specifically, of a variety called "sensation play").

Monday, March 06, 2006

Let me out

Please let me out from my marriage ...!!!!!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Questions to me and my readers

  1. Are you nervous now?
  2. Why and how did you start blogging ?
  3. Interesting. So it was really your intention to share sexual experiences, or more to read others experiences ?
  4. Did you write erotica before you started blogging ?
  5. Nice, and did you publish any of that ?
  6. Do you have other blogs ? Maybe also with erotic writing ?
  7. Do you feel blogging served it's goal ? Did it make a difference in your sexual life, your marriage ?
  8. Does anyone of your friends / family know that you have this blog?
  9. How much time would you say you spent on blogging, per day / week ?
  10. I wish I could see your face, do you blush ?
  11. What do you like most about your body ?
  12. What is your favorite piece / type of underwear ?
  13. Are you wearing them now ?
  14. Was about to ask silly ! Do you shave / wax ?
  15. Leaving a little 'trail' or triangle ?
  16. And as for your partner, do you prefer he shaves as well ?
  17. How often do you masturbate ?
  18. And at work as well ? While in your chair ?
  19. How long does it take you to make yourself come ?
  20. What is your favorite toy ?
  21. Do you have multiple orgasms ?
  22. Do you 'easily' reach orgasm through intercourse ?
  23. Do you have a favorite (or more than 1), sexual position ?
  24. Can you describe what it is that you love about that position (and, what is the reverse ?!)
  25. Do you like giving oral sex ?
  26. And, when you are in to it, do you mind that he/she comes ?
  27. You describe this act often and quite well in your posts ... What is it that you like so much about giving oral sex ?
  28. Have you used toys on your partner ?
  29. Watching porn movies together ?
  30. Would you (do you) masturbate in front of your partner ? Or like mutual masturbation ?
  31. Have you received anal sex and liked / disliked it ?
  32. Have you given anal stimulation to a partner ?
  33. Have you had sex with the same sex/gender ?
  34. Do you desire to do so again ?
  35. What is the kinkiest thing (in your mind) that you have done
  36. What do you find the most important qualities in a person ? (sounds like one of the memes, but I find it a beautiful closing question)
  37. Ok, the very final one, and then I will let you work. If you could ask all bloggers one single question, what would you ask ?

Please type your answer on the comment form. Skip questions you don't wanna answer! Thanks a million.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

My lover (End)


Perkawinan ini aku jalani dengan berat. Pertengkaran demi pertengkaran untuk hal-hal yang sangat sepele-pun terjadi. Boleh dikatakan setiap orang menilai bahwa R mempunyai mulut yang pedas. Saat orang tuanya datang ke Jakarta pun, terjadi pertengkaran dengannya. Ibu mertuaku mengatakan bahwa dia tidak mungkin tinggal dengan R (anak kandungnya sendiri). Dia mengatakan bahwa R adalah anak yang tidak menghormati orang tua. Aku hanya bisa terdiam. Ternyata bukan hanya aku yang merasakan itu.

Secara psikologis aku pelajari bahwa watak yang dipunyai R adalah akibat didikan masa kecil yang kurang baik. Sehingga membentuk watak dia sekarang.

Akhirnya aku hanya bisa pasrah menerima nasib.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My lover Part (2)


Aku telah menentukan pilihan pada orang yang salah, panggil aja R. Namun itu harus aku jalani sebagai konsekwensi telah melakukan hubungan sex dengan dia. Aku hanya ingin membuktikan diriku sebagai laki-laki yang bertanggung jawab dengan menikahi dia walau ada beban di pundakku atas perbedaan antara aku dengan dia.

Keluarga-ku tidak terlalu menyetujui perkawinanku, tapi aku nekat. Aku pikir suatu saat dia bisa berubah. Tapi ternyata harapanku, impianku tidak menjadi kenyataan. Dia tidak berubah meski aku sudah berkorban terlalu banyak untuk dia.

Apakah aku harus memikul beban ini sepanjang hidupku?


I have chosen a wrong person to marry, just call her R. But, I have to gothrough with its consequency for having sex with her. I just want to prove that I am a responsible man, though I feel big burden on my shoulder with all of our differences.

My family still cannot accept our marriage, but I pushed myself to do it. Just with one expectation she can change. However, it is all beyond my expecation and my dream. She does not change though I have done and sacrificed too much for her.

Shall I carry the burden for all of my life?

Monday, February 27, 2006

My lover Part (1)


Aku bertemu istriku pada tahun 2001 dimana aku pernah mengajar di suatu lembaga pendidikan di Jakarta. Dia cantik dan sexy. Dia tinggal dengan tantenya di Jakarta, sementara keluarganya ada di padang, Sumatera Barat.

Aku tahu bahwa orientasiku adalah kecantikan dan sex. Banyak sekali aku rasakan perbedaan-perbedaan yang mendasar dari hubungan awal kami.

Dia berasal dari Islam yang ketat sementara aku, kebanyakan saudaraku adalah kristen dan katolik. Pada saat itu aku berpikir bahwa bisa kita carikan solusinya.

Layaknya orang pacaran kami melakukan banyak hal dalam keromantisan, aku yang notabene adalah laki-laki yang normal sampai melakukan hal yang semestinya belum boleh kami lakukan. Aku melakukan hubungan badan dengan dia. Tidak dengan dasar cinta tetapi nafsu.


I met my wife in 2001 where I was taching in a vocational training in Jakarta. She was sexy and beautiful. Ahe lived with heraunt in Jakarta, while her family lived in Padang, West Sumatra.

I realized that I oriented in sex and beauty. Then, a lot of differences in the way of thinking and other different principles from our relationship.

She is from Moslem family, on the contrary I am from Christian and Catholic family. At that time, I was prestty sure that I can resolve the difference.

During our love relationship we had nice and romantic feelings, and I am just a normal guy was too far with our love relationship. I had sex with her, it was not making love but sex triggered by lust.